Information on Costs & Fees

Franciscan University works with each student individually to make a Franciscan education an affordable reality. When comparing the cost of higher education, we want you to look at the net price or out of pocket price, not just the cost of tuition. We encourage you to check out our Net Price Calculator, take a look at our Financial Aid options, or apply to Franciscan and speak with our Admissions Counselors about Financial Aid.

2022 - 2023 Academic year

Undergraduate Costs At the Steubenville Campus*

Expense                                                                         Annual Amount

Tuition $30,620
Student Fee $460
Room $5,250
Board (meal plan) $4,140
New Student Fee $225
Wellness Fee $100 ($50 per semester)
Total $40,795

*Full-time flat rate $15,310 (12-18 credit hours) per semester.  Part time rate $1,020 per credit hour.

Roughly 95 percent of incoming new students receive some form of financial aid every year.



Undergraduate Online costs**

Expense Annual Amount
Undergraduate tuition online $600 per credit hour

Undergraduate Costs at the Austrian Program

Expense Semester Amount
Tuition $15,310
Austria Fee $900
Room & Board $4,695
International Health Insurance Estimate $200 (subject to change)
Entrance Visa Estimate $300 (subject to change)
Total $21,405



Graduate Programs Online

Program Per Credit Amount
MA in Catechetics and Evangelization $550
MA in Catholic Studies $550
MA in Theology and Christian Ministry $550
Master of Business Administration $550
Master of Science Education $525


Graduate Programs on Campus

Program Per Credit Amount
MA in Philosophy $720
MA in Theology $720
MA in Clinical and Mental Health Counseling $720
MS in Nursing $550


Summer Classes – Undergraduate

Summer Credit Hour $600

This is a list of the most common costs. Other fees may apply or be subject to change. For a complete list of costs and fees see our Catalog.

**For online classes annual tuition increases may occur.  Books, fees, cost of living, and other costs are not included in tuition.